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SWTS Motor, Generator & Transformer Services

SWTS traditional Electrical Services, built on more than 40 years of experience accumulated from Westinghouse innovative repair technology, offers overhaul, repair, and rewind of:

  • Large AC & DC Motor
  • Traction Motor
  • Generator
  • Power Transformer
  • Elmago Brake
  • Mud Pump & Rotary Table DC Motor
  • Explosion Proof Motor

Reliable, quick turnaround services, made possible through SWTS unique repair process ensures these processes are of highest quality.

  • Dry-Ice Cleaning
  • High-Pressure Chemical Cleaning
  • Steam-Cleaning
  • Class H and Freon Resistant Varnish Application
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Process
  • HF Brazing
  • Baking Process
  • Flux Test of Stator Core
  • AC & DC High Potential Test
  • Tangent Delta Test
  • Surge Comparison Test
  • Partial Discharged Measurement
  • Electromagnetic Core Imperfection
  • Detection (EL CID)
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Rebuilding of Commutator and Slip-Ring
  • Redesign & Upgrade Capability
  • Load Test up to 900kW
  • On-Site Services